Sowing the seeds of transformation from within the system

For thousands of inmates in our current prison system(s), the lack of education and substance abuse addiction(s) threatens any hope of their rehabilitation. Overpopulated prisons have their resources stretched thin and are unable to provide the support needed to rehabilitate these individuals. There is a serious lack of qualified drug counselors available to help rehabilitate inmates. All of these factors are placing a social and financial burden on our communities with an average cost of $70,000 per inmate for each year of incarceration.

CROP is a non-profit foundation that has developed a powerful program that offers educational opportunities to inmates allowing them to get the training necessary to become qualified substance abuse counselors. Once trained, these inmates are able to apply their counseling skills from within the prison environment. These developed skills dramatically change the paradigm of prisoner rehabilitation. Inmates are now empowered to take on the responsibility of their own rehabilitation as they develop a community of peers that can help each other through this process.

By planting the seeds of education, the program will grow from within and transform the lives of those individuals as well as culture within the prison itself. These men can then continue to perform this much needed work when they return to society as true agents of transformation.