The CROP organization is a non-profit foundation working in partnership with the public and private sectors to address the pressing needs of our nation’s prison population. CROP works in the areas of rehabilitation, education, reentry, prevention, and intervention. We offer support to the development of a truly transformative program called Inside Solutions. A program created by inmates from within the prison system whose goals are to:

  • reduce prisoner recidivism
  • improve educational opportunities / outcomes
  • change prison culture
  • facilitate reintegration into society
  • heal families and communities

In addition to supporting Inside Solutions we aim to help reform the policies that have brought our prison systems to it’s current state of crisis. Based upon newly-developed reforms created and being implemented in California, CROP intends to expand our public-private partnerships all across America. We want to make these opportunities available to the types of offenders who are highly motivated and will take responsibility and action on their own rehabilitation.

By rehabilitating these individuals and returning them to society as productive members we can reduce recidivism as well as the social and financial burden that keeping these inmates in prison imposes on society.