• Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • Master of Science in Psychology (in progress)
  • Advanced State certification Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CADC II)
  • Award of Senatorial recognition for completing the California Association of addiction recovery specialist programs

Outline of Accomplishments and Work

  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Adams State University in 2011. Graduated with a 3.4 GPA
  • Helped establish Inside Solutions (an inmate think tank) at CTF-Soledad, which was designed to stimulate cultural transformation through the development of conscientious and prosocial substance abuse counselors. As incarcerated counselors in a forensic setting, Inside Solutions endeavors to help fellow inmates choose a perspective of personal responsibility. This was the infancy of the inmate collaboration with CROP, which eventually led to the implementation of a viable counselor development program at CTF-C.
  • Earned Alcohol and Drug Studies Specialist I certificate of career preparation from Palo Verde College in 2011 (Achieved the Dean’s List Honors – 3 A’s & 2B’s)
  • Earned Alcohol and Drug Studies Specialist II certificate of career preparation from Palo Verde College in 2013.
  • Completed 5 month Cornerstone training to become Transformational Life Coach under the supervision of Master Trainer Daniel Tocchini and Trainer Jesse Bonderman in 2013. This is a leadership development program which is grounded in concepts of personal responsibility for choices made, the development of personal, guiding visions for a fulfilling future, and identifying the value of participating positively and effectively in the community.
  • As a tested and certified transformational coach of the Cornerstone curriculum, facilitated numerous seminars and trainings for inmate peers at CTF-C. Served as Lead Trainer, Consultant, and Facilitator for two special event leadership seminars presented to at-risk college students who attend Hartnell Community College.
  • Earned Certified Addiction Specialist Certification as a California Certified Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions Recovery Specialist by the Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists in 2014.
  • Jason serves as Lead Counselor for CROP’s counselor development program. CROP is a non-profit community – based organization who facilitates a training program for long-term offenders to become certified substance abuse counselors. This type of specialized training produces a sustainable therapeutic workforce that gives offenders the tools to transform the culture of prison into a prosocial environment. Jason functions as lead developer of the CROP program’s TAP21 – Counselor Competency curriculum which tests intern’s knowledge of relevant counseling concepts and prepares them for state certification examination.
  • Awarded Senatorial Certificate of Recognition from pro tem Senator Darrell Steinberg in “recognition of completion of Alcohol and Other Drug certification . . . and commitment to stand for the rights of the recovery community” in 2014.
  • Earned Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy from California State University – Dominguez Hills in 2015. Wrote Masters thesis on the value of prosocial dispositions within carceral settings for the improvement of rehabilitative outcomes.

Self-Help Chronology

Date Group Function
08/13/2010 BRAG-Pre Release Project Participant
12/13/2010 BRAG Member
01/03/2011 Watchword Bible Study Participant
06/01/2011 BRAG-CBT Workshop Participant
06/09/2011 Narcotics Anonymous Participant
08/08/2011 Life – C.Y.C.L.E Participant
12/15/2011 HELP-ADS Spec. I Student
12/29/2011 BRAG Member
01/06/2012 Narcotics Anonymous Participant
01/09/2012 HELP – Inside Solutions Program Developer
02/27/2012 HELP Facilitator
04/13/2012 Narcotics Anonymous Participant
06/01/2012 Alcoholics Anonymous Participant
07/14/2012 Recreation Dept. Facilitator
07/18/2012 HELP Facilitator
07/18/2012 HELP-ACCI Facilitator
08/13/2012 HELP Book Donator
09/15/2012 Recreation Dept. Facilitator
12/31/2012 Alcoholics Anonymous Participant
09/18/2012 HELP Facilitator
01/11/2013 BRAG Member
02/01/2013 HELP Member
06/20/2013 HELP-ADS Spec. II Student
06/12/2013 HELP-Quest Participant
06/26/2013 AVATAR Participant
07/10/2013 BRAG-TC Facilitator
07/21/2013 Community Health Participant
07/29/2013 Food Bank for Monterey Donator
10/11/2013 AVATAR Facilitator
10/24/2013 AVATAR Facilitator
12/13/2013 HELP-Quest Facilitator
02/20/2014 AVATAR Facilitator
03/31/2014 BRAG-3P Facilitator
06/04/2014 HELP-Quest Facilitator
06/25/2014 CROP Organization Intern
07/07/2014 Recreation Dept. Participant
08/23/2014 GOGI Participant
12/14/2014 HELP-ACE L4L Seminar Facilitator
12/21/2014 CROP Organization Cert. Add. Spec.
12/15/2014 Barrios Unidos Member
01/22/2015 CROP Organization – Sac. State Participant
03/09/2015 BRAG Member
03/27/2015 Phoenix Alliance-ACE L4L Facilitator
05/15/2015 Phoenix Alliance-Quest Facilitator
07/21/2015 Criminals and Gangs Anonymous Participant
08/01/2015 BRAG-TC Facilitator
11/06/2015 Phoenix Alliance-Quest Facilitator
11/12/2015 Phoenix Alliance-ACE L4L Facilitator
12/12/2015 Phoenix Alliance-L4L Seminar Facilitator
12/16/2015 Recreation Dept. Participant
01/13/2016 BRAG-TC Facilitator
02/23/2016 Life-C.Y.C.L.E Participant
05/29/2016 Life-C.Y.C.L.E Participant
06/27/2016 BRAG Participant
07/19/2016 Toastmasters Participant
08/18/2016 Phoenix Alliance-SALT Seminar Facilitator
10/25/2016 Phoenix Alliance-L4L Seminar Facilitator
10/27/2016 AVP – Advanced Workshop Participant
12/01/2016 Phoenix Alliance-True North Facilitator
11/15/2016 Life-C.Y.C.L.E Participant
12/12/2016 Cemanahuac Cultural Group Participant
01/05/2017 Toastmasters Participant
01/11/2017 Recreation Dept. – Track Event Participant
01/12/2017 Recreation Dept. – Flag Football Participant
01/20/2017 Phoenix Alliance – Executive Body Participant
03/20/2017 Recreation Dept. – 1/2 Marathon Participant
03/20/2017 Phoenix Alliance – L4L Seminar Facilitator
03/21/2017 Cemanhuac Cultural Group Participant
04/07/2017 Kingian Non-Violence Workshop Participant
04/21/2017 Phoenix Alliance – 20/20 Mindset Facilitator
04/27/2017 BRAG – MATFA Participant
04/27/2017 BRAG – MATFA Victim’s Awareness Participant
05/03/2017 The Work of Byron Katie Participant
05/05/2017 Cemanahuac Cultural Group Participant
05/05/2017 Cemanahuac – Restoring Balance Participant
05/25/2017 Phoenix Alliance – L4L Workshop Facilitator
07/08/2017 We Care – Juv. Deterrent Program Facilitator
07/17/2017 Phoenix Alliance – MB40 Participant
10/13/2017 Phoenix Alliance – Hartnell Facilitator
10/16/2017 BRAG – Relay for Life Participant
11/03/2017 Kingian Non-Violence Workshop Participant
11/21/2017 Phoenix Alliance – Hartnell Facilitator
01/24/2018 Toastmasters Participant
03/09/2018 We Care Youth Deterrent Program Member
03/09/2018 Phoenix Alliance – Hartnell L4L Facilitator
05/03/2018 AVP – Training for Facilitators Participant
05/11/2018 We Care Youth Deterrent Program Member
05/21/2018 We Care Youth Deterrent Program Member