The CROP Inside Solutions program used a social community model in our approach to addressing the needs of the prison population. Each candidate in the program is offered the educational support to become an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor while they serve as volunteer facilitators in the vast self-help community at CTF. A trainee’s participation in the program instills a sense of self-worth and purpose, as well as the concepts of transformative change and social justice.

Inside Solutions has been designed to compliment existing programs from Palo Verde College as well as multiple self-help groups. CROP provides clinical supervision and funding for the final stages of each candidates AOD education. Our program is able to produce home grown AOD counselors from within the prison peer population. These counselors can connect with their clients in a more powerful way as peers who understand the realities and difficulties of what offenders face in rehabilitation. This level of connection has had an impact on the overall culture of the prison and will continue to have a positive impact on the prison community as a whole.

Education and Practicum Components

Each candidate participating in the Inside Solutions programming will earn an AA degree, plus another 30 units in the Palo Verde Alcohol and Drug Studies program, for a total of 90 units. In addition to these educational opportunities, candidates also participate in practicum internship. The Inside Solutions program has higher requirements than the standard curriculum for a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-Certified Addiction Specialist (CADC-CAS) (CCAPP), which is on par with the higher CADC Level I & II practicum requirements.

Inside Solutions students are required to complete the following curriculum and practicum:

450 hours of Formal Education in AOD Alcohol and Drug Studies Specialist I & II (30 units)

  • Introduction to Addiction Studies (3 units)
  • Pharmacology (3 units)
  • Case Management (3 units)
  • Ethics in the Treatment (3 units)
  • Dual Diagnosis (3 units)
  • Group Counseling Dynamics (3 units)
  • Special Populations (3 units)
  • Counseling & Interviewing (3 units)
  • Sociology (3 units)
  • Psychology (3 units)

Practicum On-The-Job Training350 Hours Closely Supervised
160 Hours AOD Core Principles

  • Guidance, Counseling and Education
  • Participant, Family, and Community Education
  • Recovery/Treatment Planning
  • Service Coordination and Program Implementation
  • Admission and Continuing Assessment Areas
  • Referrals

190 Hours Forensic AOD Counselor Competency

  • Criminal Thinking
  • Leadership4Life (Cornerstone Project)
  • Forensic Addictions
  • Criminogenic Insight & Remorse

Internship Social-Community Model 2080 Hours – Last Five Years

Criminogenic Treatment Groups – Self-Help Format

  • Avatar Relapse Prevention
  • Alternatives to Violence Project
  • Therapeutic Community
  • Quest Criminal Thinking

Cultural Transformation

  • Way of Being
  • Leadership Positions
  • Facilitator Roles
  • Faith/Spiritual Enrichment

Related Education

Associates degree earned; or, enrolled in a Bachelors degree program.

Program Cohorts

1st Cohort


CROP’s Inside Solutions program is divided into groups called cohorts. The first cohort class of eight (8) CTF inmates passed their Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-Certified Addiction Specialist (CADC-CAS) exams on September 15th, 2014. These long-term offenders are now state-certified to work as AOD counselors. These students have done the work required and will continue to do so while they serve their time as agents of change. The CADC-CAS certifications also qualify them for employment upon release. Their achievements were recognized by Senator Darrell Steinberg with a Senate Certificate of Recognition.

2nd Cohort

The second cohort class of twelve (12) CTF inmates passed their CADC-CAC exam in the summer of 2015. This second class of CADC-CAS combined with the first cohort turned CTF-Central into an atmosphere of multi-systemic change. At this point, CROP had a 100 percent graduation rate and the Cornerstone Criminal Thinking curricula had made an impact on the culture of self-help programming in CTF. Many started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and can picture a life of giving back and serving.

3rd Cohort

The third cohort of fourteen (14) CTF inmates passed their CADC-CAS exams in summer of 2016. This cohort was designed to take a Palo Verde College Alcohol and Drug Studies college student through an overlapping 12-month cycle of AOD training and treatment. These candidates received quality and professional training from the first cohort, with the second on standby. All members of the third cohort passed their exams and brought the certification phase of this CROP and Cornerstone funded operation. With a stream of Inside Solutions graduates getting out of prison, CROP now has shifted its focus on employment and parole placement for their dozens of graduates who are waiting for their chance to return to society.