Jason Bryant

As a business administration graduate of Adams State University with a Master of Arts in philosophy from California State University Dominguez Hills and a Master of Science in psychology from California Coast University, Jason brings 20 years of lived experience within the CDCR. He primarily dedicated his term of incarceration to higher education and serving other people through thoughtful conversations about new possibilities for their lives. Jason, a co-founder of the Inside Solutions think tank, collaborated with the CROP Organization in the development of several prominent programs. He is a state-certified Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor who received senatorial recognition for his contributions to program development. Additionally, Jason wrote a Master’s degree thesis on the existential value of incarcerated people choosing to live responsibly (i.e., in alignment with their commitment to reunite with family) along with the importance of offering restorative programs within correctional institutions. Lastly, Jason’s sentence was commuted by the governor of California, who ordered his immediate release from restorative institutions due to his remarkable contributions in restorative work while incarcerated.

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