Career Campus

The CROP Campus is a live-in training facility that serves returning citizens by providing a short-term housing solution throughout their participation in the innovative Ready for Life program. Residents at the Campus are provided with wrapround services, including group and individual counseling, and weekly stipends to facilitate an optimal learning environment over the course of the training program.

The Four Pillars to Successful Reentry


In the first pillar, Leadership for Life, participants are guided through a combination of personal leadership training and professional development. CROP’s personal leadership training involves an impactful curriculum that empowers its participants, thereby helping them to become authentic leaders of their own lives. This innovative course of study utilizes participants’ experiences as their foundation for learning and cultivates an attitude of responsible productivity.

CROP’s soft-skills development classes reflect CROP’s deep understanding that returning citizens require specific tools to thrive within the work environment. Participants are taught a comprehensive battery of skills that include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Focus Mastery
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Growth Mindset


Skilled for Life marks the beginning of participants’ vocational training. Program participants pursue a specific career path during this course of training; career opportunities will be selected by CROP based on market demand and skill requirements. In light of CROP’s Bay Area location, we are committed to tech equity and expanding opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals in the technology sector. This pillar of instruction begins with a Digital Bootcamp to prepare participants with employability technical skills. All participants will also receive financial education so they are equipped to take control of their own finances.


In the Equipped for Life phase of our program, participants will transfer their training into the workplace. For some, this will mean a paid internship or apprenticeship, for others it will mean full-time employment. CROP will pave the way for this transition by creating partnerships with employers who are not only eager to tap into this talent pool, but also who are knowledgeable about fair chance hiring best practices.


CROP understands that returning citizens are nearly 10 times more likely than the average American to experience homelessness or unstable living conditions. Therefore, CROP’s Home for Life program provides a strategic approach to long-term housing solutions.

CROP’ will develop a network of housing providers who are committed to helping participants obtain a stable residence upon graduation from the program. With the combination of personal leadership, hard-skills training, employment, and stable housing, CROP’s alumni are Ready for Life.

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