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The CROP Organization is a nonprofit foundation working in collaboration with the public and private sectors to address the pressing needs of our nation’s incarcerated population.

CROP engages directly impacted people through transformational programming and workforce development opportunities. Created by CROP’s formerly incarcerated team of directors, the purpose of these programs is to:

  • Provide ongoing rehabilitation and education for incarcerated men and women
  • Facilitate societal reentry through personal leadership development
  • Initiate a positive shift in the current antisocial prison culture
  • Equip directly impacted individuals with job skills and employment opportunities
  • Help to redefine the purpose of prison from punishment to restoration

CROP works to expand partnerships across the United States by creating opportunities for motivated men and women to transform their lives and prepare for successful reentry into the community.

By helping to equip our nation’s directly impacted population to succeed upon release, CROP aims to reduce the systemic costs of chronic recidivism while healing families and communities.

Learn more about CROP and our programs: